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OpenCog is a unique and ambitious open-source software project. Our aim is to create an open source framework for Artificial General Intelligence, intended to one day express general intelligence at the human level and beyond.

That is:

We're undertaking a serious effort to build a thinking machine.

We've developed a detailed plan (subject to ongoing revision based on what we learn as we proceed!), possess the ability to execute it, and we're proceeding with the hard work step-by-step.

More specifically:

  • Our long-term goal is the creation of an advanced Artificial General Intelligence system, with cognitive capability at the human level and (we hope) ultimately beyond
  • In the short term, as well as working toward our long-term R&D goal, we aim to create code that can be used (piece by piece or as a whole) to help make practical software applications smarter

Much of the work on the project is inspired by the AGI theories of project co-founder Dr. Ben Goertzel. But there is a lot of other stuff in the codebase too, and the community is generally welcoming to new ideas.


At the moment the OpenCog project is still at an early stage of development, and the software is mostly useful for

  • those who want an interesting, powerful platform for AI R&D
  • those who are building applications in need of significant AI capability, and are willing to do significant customization and integration work toward this end
  • students who are interested in AGI and also not bad at dealing with complex software

We are working on making the system and its components easier to utilize within practical projects.

The project is formally hosted by the OpenCog Foundation, but many other organizations and unaffiliated individuals contribute to the development.

Software developers and AI researchers are actively solicited to join the project.

The OpenCog software is largely C++ with some Scheme, Python and Haskell as well.

Take a look at the Code, join the Discussion, or jump straight into the matter by attempting to solve Quick tasks and Not so quick tasks.

Contents of This Wiki

This wiki has a lot of useful resources on it, but bear in mind that it's a wiki and therefore an ongoing work in progress.

See the map of the wiki site; also, some key pages and categories are as follows.


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