From OpenCog

The simple and ambitious vision of OpenCog is to create a thinking machine with human level intelligence and beyond. We are aiming to do this in the open source domain, so that everyone on the planet (and ultimately off the planet) can participate and share!

The grand goal is Artificial General Intelligence.

Along the way to this grand goal, we also hope to create software code that can be useful in various practical AI projects. We very much believe in virtuous-cycle feedback between grand goals and projects with immediate practical value. It is critical to not lose sight of the grand goal -- and to pursue practical near-term projects in a way that lays a foundation for ongoing work with greater and greater general intelligence.


Unlike most current AI projects, we are not centrally concerned with building more accurate classification algorithms, or more efficient computer vision systems, or better language processing or boutique information retrieval algorithms, etc. Neither are we centrally concerned with building a program that performs only one specific task like play chess, diagnose diseases, answer trivia questions, or drive a car. We are concerned with generic intelligence and the inter-related cognitive processes it entails. We are concerned with making software that carries out specific tasks, using structures and processes that appear capable of being extended to more and more general tasks.

OpenCog is a moderate-sized and active project with:

  • a team at Hanson Robotics offices at Science Park in Hong Kong (previously at Gino Yu's lab at Hong Kong Poly U), working mainly on OpenCog-based natural language processing, and also on connecting OpenCog to robots
  • a smaller team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (at, with the team applying OpenCog on commercial projects and also doing some R&D
  • developers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia, working for various employers and applying OpenCog on commercial and government projects
  • many fantastic volunteer developers

Our vision is a huge one and we are eagerly recruiting new developers!

In line with the above general comments, current work on OpenCog has at least three overlapping aspects:

  • creation of a generic framework for advanced AI and AGI
  • implementation of the specific CogPrime AGI design , within the OpenCog framework
  • utilization of components of the OpenCog system within specialized application architectures

If you'd like to help us push toward one or more of these goals, you're more than welcome -- join the mailing list, check out the code and get started!