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A reverse-log of some things I've done...

Added CategoryTree to the wiki. Added links to main pages in most categories. Delted a bunch of pet animation pages. (More should probably be deleted by someone more in-the-know than me.)

Rewrote Curation. Perhaps it should have a descrpition of all the high level categories instead of just curation-related ones?

Removed all the pages in the OpenCogPrimeBook namespace and the namespace itself. Identical to the other wikibook, which is interlinked with many pages on the wiki.

Changed Category:OpenCogPrime_Wikibook to Category:OpenCogPrime Wikibook - Deprecated. Not quite ideal as there may be a few pages not worthy of being Deprecated, on the other hand, it's better to keep them together and not flood Category:Deprecated. (It's easy to change; it just floods recent changes.)

Fixed or deleted all double redirects. Many remnants of deleted pages.

Fixed or deleted all broken redirects.

Added Category:Publications for the various pages on OpenCog and AGI-related publications.

Went through 1/3 of all the unchecked pages in the main namespace.

Added categories to the remaining uncategorized categories, giving the site a more complete (though perhaps a bit messy) hierarchical structure.

Sorted out Getting Started into general pages, Category:Building and Category:Tutorials (which includes Category:OpenCog for Noobs).

Added a Category:Logs page for the various work logs floating about.

Mostly categorized pages in Uncategorized Pages. Perhaps 1/4 of them were rightly uncategorized....

Tweaked the mediawiki skins so that categories appear up top, making 'Obsolete' visible.

Also added and categorized most MindOntology pages into a hierarchy.

Rid the MindOntology of mentions of novamente (which produces a lot of awkward "OpenCog Cognition Engines," but that's slightly easier to fix.

Finished the rest of the high level categories. Most of them were OK except for the many obsolete pages in Category:Embodiment.

Finished adding most of the high level categories to the hierarchy. Splitting up Embodiment into robotics and virtual/game world though... :x not yet

Added Category:ECAN and Category:OpenPsi to Category:AI Documentation, and the relevant sub-categories. Same caveat as below. Added Category:AtomSpace to Category:Infrastructure Documentation. Fortunately, most of the relevant pages were already properly categorized (at least the easily accessible ones!) Started categorizing pages in a hierarchy mirroring the github repository's hierarchic structure.

Added a few more pages to Category:Obsolete, and started going through Category:Getting Started's content (A more 'respectable' name than Category:OpenCog for Noobs :P)

Added OpenCogPrime wikibook's main pages and category to Category:Deprecated

Added a few pages to Category:Deprecated Added a few pages to Category:Background

Cleaned up some categories in MindOntology about. (TODO: rename most of the pages so as to not be about Novamente...)

Made OpenCogGlossary be indexed alphabetically and ported non-obsolete items from Glossary.

Re-added Category:Obsolete. Hopefully I'll be filling it ^^