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I am working on a "LifeWiki" which represents almost any aspect of my life. The goal of the LifeWiki is to create something like an "OpenCyc" of my life and personal knowledge, for example people I know, places I have visited, conferences I attended, books I've read, memos of conversations and so on. The data is published as GnuFdl and can be accessed via a simple API. The wiki uses a lot of conventions and patterns to represent structured data. Each page can be mapped to a SemanticWeb-Resource. Many pages have InterWiki-Links to OpenCyc-concepts and WikiPedia.

The content of the LifeWiki is bilingual (mostly german as my native language, some english, with ongoing translation). This might currently be a barrier for some users, but on the other hand it better describes the actual content of my lexical memory.

Lateron I hope to be able to import a lot my LifeWiki data into an OpenCog system:

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