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Why am I here working on OpenSim for OpenCog ?

I have a long term focus on AI and current ongoing support of Opensim, and have done previous work interfacing agents in 3D simulators (Doom3) along with a goal of interfacing general intelligences like OpenCog with both real world and virtual world applications. Having taken the past several months to become familiar with OpenSim for just such purposes, I think working on an interface would be great opportunity to be the bridge between the two projects.

Academic Background:

Current PhD CS Student with concentration in Natural language and AI at University of North Texas. Currently hold a BA CS from University of Texas at Austin, and a MS CS from University of North Texas.

Industrial Experience:

I am a long term knowledge engineer and contract programmer/developer. Descriptions of several projects can be found at

Support of Opensource and related projects:

I currently actively support the Cyc Foundation ( , which manages licences, extensions and promotion of OpenCyc and ResearchCyc and though development of demo applications. Several of my papers are in the Suggested Reading list (

I have also provided a number of agent and NLP related application as opensource or freeware ( ) . These include Cyn, a AIML/Cyc aware chat agent, CycLink a VB to Cyc interface control, and Rosetta a LinkGrammar based logic form parser.

For the past several months I have been providing support for Opensim in terms of testing, providing patches, and extending the scripting support. Near the primary teleport point in Wright Plaza on OSGrid I provided an object know as the Wikilith, a vaguely 2001-ish monolith that provides answers from Wikipedia using an AskWikipedia proxy. I have also been working on porting Yield Prolog as a supported OpenSim scripting language. ( ) username:kinoc

Additional possibly relevant info

A presentation presented to DARPA in support of the ResearchCyc project.

Also developed a Voice I/O system and conversation management system in Java using Sphinx 4/ FreeTTS / Jython to support concept development for Hanson Robotics during summer of 2007.