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Jekin Trivedi is a student of Mumbai university doing Bachelor degree in Information Technology Engineering. He lives at the suburban area of Mira Road in Mumbai , which is located in Maharashtra in India. He got interested in Artificial Intelligence and since then has been a developer and follower at opencog.

What am i working on :

I am currently working on Implementing SVM for program tree selection in MOSES, which is also going to be my Final year Engineering project. More Information for the project can be found here :Use SVM for program tree selection.

Stuff I've worked on or helped with :

I have worked on the following two part of OpenCog system under the helpful guidance of Joel Pitt and friendly assistance of Jared :

   * REST WEB UI : Implemented the WEB UI functionality for adding , updating,  deleting the atomspace data.
   * JSON-RPC API to allow remote access to OpenCog and the AtomSpace.
   * More Information can be found on : Web interface


Jekin is available on IRC: jekintrivedi on #opencog @ or by email :