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About Me

I'm a sysop for this wiki. (In complicity with several other people.) You may contact me using one of the below methods if you need help here.

I'm working on Lojban infrastructure for OpenCog.

Contact Information

Talk Page My Talk Page
Google Chat post.alan<at>
Freenode Nick aisa
github alanpost


skill proficiency notes
C expert interpreters, parsers, command-line utilities, data structures, libraries.
C++ experienced Server-side, Data-intensive runtime systems.
mandoc novice program documentation.
Perl experienced Data parsing and cleaning.
Python experienced Numerical analysis.
Scheme experienced textual/program transformation.
TeX proficient reference documentation, teaching material.

Scale: Novice => Proficient => Experienced => Expert

A Note On My Name

My English first name is "Alan." In Lojban that translates to "alyn." The morphology rules of Lojban do not permit the string "la" to appear in a name[1]. "ly" is frequently substituted for "la," as the pronunciation is similar.

The translation "alyn" is also handy when registering usernames, as the name alyn is less common than the name Alan. I've adopted it as an alternative spelling outside of Lojbanistan for this reason.

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  1. This is formally true given the rules of the language, but both error prone in use and widely unpopular in the language. A proposal called dotside removes this restriction, which would make my English name a valid Lojban name.