Tutorial Sessions 2009

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What is this?

These are old chat and screencast tutorial records. For the latest OpenCog tutorials go to Handles On with OpenCog.


We held a series of "hands on" OpenCog tutorials, aimed at teaching folks how to run and make changes to various AI code that's been written for OpenCog.

We released relevant "course materials" for each session (probably screen-capture instructions) a week or so before each session, so students could come into each session prepared.

The sessions were in in the #opencog IRC chatroom, with the same logistics as in the prior theoretical tutorials described at OpenCogPrime:TutorialSessions

The topics, logs, and screencasts are below:

  • ECAN (Joel Pitt) log
  • PLN (Joel Pitt) log
  • RelEx (Linas Vepstas) log
  • MOSES (Nil Geisweiller) log
  • PetBrain (Nil Geisweiller) log



Screencasts for the 4 main ECAN MindAgents are available from Google video and for direct download as .ogv contained video (Theora and Vorbis codecs):

Screen cast on Hopfield network example (with info on Ubigraph visualizations too):


For a guide to the usage of PLN in OpenCog, see PLN Usage


A screencast with a cursory overview of PLN usage in OpenCog:

There are already 3 screencast videos (recorded by Ari Heljakka) describing the internals of it's prior incarnation in Novamente:

(These were made to assist in the port, thus the code probably looks a little different now... but they are still relevant conceptually).


Screencasts (somewhat obsolete)




Other demo screencasts (somewhat obsolete)

On YouTube