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Obsolete - this wiki page describes a subsystem that no longer exists (never existed?).

OpenCog's AtomSpace Viewer

In the beginning, there was AtomViewer (dead) - this was replaced by Opencog Visualizer (deadish), then there was Glimpse (perhaps deprecated) and Impression (sort of current) ... likely Glimpse will merge into Impression...


For theory on the general topic of OpenCog Visualization browse to the general topic of Visualisation in Opencog (Atomspace Visualization).

ocVisualizer (Old)

  • note this is all out of date

The visualizer for Opencog's atomspace is using Bootstrap, Jquery, D3, Jquery UI compoments in order to connect, display and edit data on the OpenCog's AtomSpace.

The main HTML code where all the elements are being stored is under the file atom_viewer.html. All the Javascript code as well as any assets used such as images or CSS code is under the folder Media/.

The new visualizer has also a terminal window in order to work faster and more efficient. For a list of commands just type "help" in the terminal window. If the window is not visible you can make it visible from the menu View>Terminal.


Media --->css --->images --->js atom_viewer.html

The code for the OpenCog atomspace visualizer is here:

or here




Maintained by Dagmawi

We need a walkthrough of how to use it on some simple test Atomspace

Also a brief explanation of how it uses the REST API