The NLP Comprehension Pipeline

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Firstly if you don't know what NLP stands for, have no background, or need a refresher on Natural Language Processing, read up on it at Wikipedia.
And also see the OpenCog wiki page for Natural Language Processing for the current state of affairs and future plans for natural language processing (NLP) within OpenCog. A more high-level, general overview is provided in OpenCogPrime:NLP.

In the beginning there was RelEx2Logic - an old brittle thing that is being left to rot.

Now Lojban takes the stage!

Read Link Parse to Logic via Lojban.

Now watch Ben Goertzel give a presentation on Lojban as an Interlingua (video) (as part of the Hong Cogathon Dec 2016 meeting).

Ben also discusses Lojban as a potential tool for easing early stage human-AGI communication in interview with Adam Ford: Aspects of Artificial General Intelligence.


If you are intent on perusing RelEx2Logic, do the Running Relex2Logic with OpenCog tutorial. And see an example illustrating each stage of the output: link parser, RelEx, R2L in the Overview section of the Relex wiki page.


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