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MOSES Terminology Qualms

  • In MOSES representation, it says that knobs (parameters) are placed randomly throughout the parameterized tree structure (derived from the exemplar - typically the fittest program found).

- But this representation is in itself the exemplar program - is the program then referred to as this representation with a particular set of knob settings? - Are all the combinations of knob settings actally explored?

  • What is the ' arity of the problem' what is meant by arity? (as in parity?)

What is a tanimoto distance?

  • In the definition of knobs, the 'arity' is referred to here. Arity from what I understand means the number of args a function can take... can each knob take more than one argument?

'A discrete knob with arity()==3 might be used to transform the boolean input $ 2 {\displaystyle \$2} . So, setting this knob to 1 might transform the'

  • In the definition of Representation Building...

TODO: Answer: Q) What is actually involved in the representation construction? (answered under representation is the question Q) What is a representation?)

  • In the definition for 'Deme' it says "In practice, in the actual implementation, a deme is just a set of scored instances. This is because all instances in a deme share the same representation, field set and knob mapping." - what is meant by 'scored' here? (not the result of the scoring function is it?) if so, it seems that this is wrong assumng that demes can exist without being scored yet - is that right? (If so, I'd preface this sentence saying 'In practice, after the optimization phase...')
  • Regarding the definition of 'Metapopulation' it seems to refer to a phase that isn't described here: Is there a particular phase in which pairs of demes compete? What is the terminology? and description?
  • Also there are various places there 'the optimization phase' is referred to - does this always refer to the use of the 'scoring function' determine fittest programs within a deme?

Is there more than one optimization phase, including an optimization phase for determining which demes in a Metapopulation compete? (referred to in the question regarding the definition of Metapopulation)

  • Should there be a definition for Elegant Normal Form referred to in the Normalization definition?

Adam (talk) 04:15, 19 January 2017 (UTC)