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A master task list for non-development activities (outstanding development work should be filed as bugs at See also Quick tasks and Not so quick tasks.

Anyone can volunteer to help with these tasks!


Just jump in and edit! (please use good wiki etiquette). Communication via edits, comments, talk pages, and list/chat discussion.

Please ask for elevated permissions if you receive a permission error; permission settings are tuned to prevent spam and vandalism.

General Wikification

  • renaming pages to long form, e.g. CIMDynamics → Concretely-Implemented Mind Dynamics
  • pretty wikilinking, e.g. CIMDynamics → CIMDynamics (mouseover for full page name)

OpenCog Developer's Guide

A new technical guide for application and Core developers of OpenCog, to compliment existing code documentation, READMEs, etc. Currently, these pages are collected in the Category:OpenCog Developer's Guide.

In particular, the APIs of AtomSpace and MindAgent need to be documented on this wiki.

Unmigrated NCE documentation resides on the VettaLabs TWiki; migrated TWiki pages should be marked, on the top of each page, as 'migrated to'

Frequently Asked Questions

Populate the FAQ and OpenCogPrime:FAQ

OpenCog Prime Wikibook

See also OpenCogPrime:EditsNeeded (known flaws and errata)

Careful expansion and exposition of existing content within most pages of the wikibook would be a welcomed improvement. The logs of the OpenCogPrime:TutorialSessions contain a great deal of information and knowledge that can be used to enhance the pages of the wikibook.

OpenCog Prime Quickstart Guide

A new short wikibook (3-10 wiki pages, 20-100 printed pages) for researchers new to the field of AGI to compliment OpenCogPrime:Wikibook.

A page QuickStartTutorial has been started to this effect, although it's focus is on parts of OpenCog that are already implemented and so, like OpenCog itself, should be considered a work in progress.

Main Articles

Most of the individual terms, both technical and conceptual, in the OpenCogPrime:Wikibook require supporting pages in the Main (and MindOntology) namespaces. See also ReadBeforeEditing

  • beginning with the empty CogServer and stub AtomSpace articles linked from the front page!

MindOntology Articles

  • vocabularies from other AI and AGI projects require integration into the MindOntology (e.g. from SOAR, Marvin Minsky's work, etc.), making the MindOntology a type of Rosetta stone for communication between AI researchers.

MediaWiki / PHP

A MediaWiki extension to add a wikibook navigation & breadcrumb sidebar widget (navigation info scraped from


In-code TODOs are compiled in the autogenerated


Blueprints & Specifications

Owner/advocates who will drive list and chat discussion are needed. The process:

  1. Pick an idea from Ideas, Projects or Development. If your idea is new, start by adding it to the Ideas page.
  2. Discuss on list and IRC
  3. Write a formal specification at
  4. Write specific requests for feature enhancements (RFEs) at

  1. Advocate and coordinate for your blueprints and bugs on list and IRC

Testing & Bugs

OpenCog needs testers who are interesting in finding, reporting, verifying, triaging and investigating bugs at

Quick Tasks

If you want a quick task (couple of hours to a week of work) to get started on the code: see the list of quick tasks. Or if you are up to (perhaps more rewarding) not so quick tasks.