Setting up the Unity3D world

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One of the ways to embody Opencog is through Opencog's Unity3D game world. Unity, or Unity3D, is a free game engine and toolkit available at [1] which was used to develop Opencog's game world. The game world is hosted at [2].

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate how one sets up the OpenCog Embodiment to work with the game world. The task is split into three subtasks:

  • Getting the Embodiment up and running
  • Getting the game world up and running
  • Connecting to the two.

The Embodiment and game world can be run on the same machines or on different machines.


The Opencog back end, as usual, can only be run on a Linux machine. Therefore, the primary requirement for setting up this Embodiment is:

  • A computer with Ubuntu as the main OS, preferably 64-bit since not everything works in 32-bit right now.
  • OR a Windows machine running Ubuntu in a VM (Virtual Machine) such as VMWare or VirtualBox

Then the user needs to establish whether their goal is:

  • Simply to run the game world. In this case, the user will be trying to set up the Unity Player and can use any machine, including their existing Ubuntu machine.
  • OR To edit it. Editing the game world involves installing the Unity3D game engine, which will require a Windows machine (or a Mac, for which the instructions should be similar)


There are two pages featuring in-depth guides to setting up the Embodiment and game world for either Windows or for Ubuntu. The Windows instructions will assume you are using a VM, but running a separate Linux machine will entail a very similar setup: