Set up an OpenCog Buildbot Slave

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Build reports available here

The buildbot master configuration is keep in the source code repository in lib/buildbot-master.cfg

There are currently three build types:

Generally we only need extra buildslaves for opencog-full builds, but coverage testing on different platforms might be useful too (beware: it's expensive and can take more than a couple of hours!).

BuildBot build slave set up for Ubuntu

0. Ensure you can build opencog and have all the dependencies installed.

1. Install buildbot software & dependencies

sudo apt-get install buildbot

2. Setup local buildbot environment, and change to buildslave user

sudo adduser buildslave
sudo -H -u buildslave bash

3. Configure the buildslave daemon:


with appropriate details replaced, for example:

buildbot create-slave ~buildslave/opencog \ my_buildslave my_password

4. Edit info/admin & info/host documenting your build environment, some examples here.

nano ~buildslave/opencog/info/admin
nano ~buildslave/opencog/info/host

5. Ensure OpenCog builds on your box (skip if this step if builds are tested already; see the end of this page for build steps as instructed by the buildmaster). See Building OpenCog for details and dependencies required.

6. Start the buildbot daemon:

buildbot start ~buildslave/opencog

Optionally add the process of starting the buildslave to the buildslave user's crontab. Do this by using "crontab -e" when logged in as the buildslave and add this line:

@reboot buildbot start ~buildslave/opencog

7. Send your SLAVENAME and PASSWORD to David Hart.