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This page contains information that should be understood by anyone who wants to edit the OpenCog wikibook, beyond making simple corrections of typos or wiki syntax.

Notes on Chapter Ordering and Revisions

The pages in this wikibook can be read in various orders and will probably still make some sense. However, they were originally organized into chapters and arranged in a certain particular order, and are presented that way here.

It will be appreciated if folks who update this wiki will respect this "chapter" ordering. It's fine to introduce new pages into chapters, and to introduce new chapters (even if this requires renumbering existing chapters). But please don't list a page under a chapter heading unless it really belongs there.

Pages should not refer to chapters by number, since chapter numbers may change as new chapters are introduced. The chapter numbers exist only to indicate the ordering of the chapters on this page.

What Kinds of Revisions are Appropriate?

The goal of this wikibook (the OpenCogPrime namespace on this wiki) is to describe ONE PARTICULAR AGI DESIGN, which can be built on top of the OpenCog Framework

Arguments against OCP as an AGI approach belong on the CriticismsOfOpenCogPrime page.

If you want you to describe your own AGI designs or algorithms based on the OpenCog Framework , please start at your userpage and expand from there; please do not use the OCP pages for this purpose.

Improvements and additions to the OpenCogPrime design are appreciated and desired. However, please do not delete existing ideas from the wikibook in order to insert your new ones. Rather, insert your new ideas as alternatives, and label them as such. If you think it's appropriate to delete ideas and design aspects from the book, please consult Ben Goertzel directly; but this will hopefully be done sparingly and only in cases where certain ideas in the book have really been shown to be suboptimal.

Notes on Wikilinks & Namespaces

Three namespaces are used on this wiki, which may seem confusing to the unititated, so here's an example that demonstrates the separation of namespaces, and using pretty wikilinks (mousing over the link displays the namespace):

MindOntology Namespace: Cognitive Architecture

  • a general definition of the concept of a cognitive architecture

Main Namespace: Cognitive Architecture

  • an explanation of how cognitive architectures are implemented using the OpenCog Framework

OpenCogPrime Namespace: Cognitive Architecture

  • an explanation of the specific cognitive architcture in the OCP design