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This page provides a short overview of software development in OpenCog.

Download, Build, & Install

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Getting Involved

System Documentation

The AGI Summer School 2009 had lectures explaining many of the ideas in OpenCog, which are available online at Major components of the core framework, listed in order of complexity/layering:

  • AtomSpace - Overview of OpenCog's core data store.
  • Atom types - List of atom types currently documented/in use
  • Atomspace Visualization
  • Scheme - The scheme shell/repl loop/scheme language bindings/programming interface
  • Python - Python programming interface
  • Web interface - RESTful web access/programming interface.
  • Pattern matcher - Performing queries against the AtomSpace
  • ECAN - Attention allocation
  • NLP pipeline - the current state of affairs in the natural language processing pipeline.
  • PLN - probabilistic reasoning.
  • ComboReduct - Internal programming language to represent patterns/skills; Reduct reduces it to a normal form.
  • MOSES - Meta Optimizing Semantic Evolutionary Search. Evolves programs in Combo.
  • Embodiment - the Open Pet Brain, Perception Action Interface, etc.
  • OpenPsi - Motivation & Planning
  • Fishgram -- Frequent Interesting Subhypergraph Mining (greedy pattern mining for the Atomspace)

Specific subtopics can be found in various categories, such as the Category:OpenCog Developer's Guide or Category:Embodiment.

Development Guidelines & Tools

Future Planning

There are several architectural design tasks planned for OpenCog. Some are a long way off, while others are more of a priority. However, there have been discussions on these topics and so records are kept here to avoid rehashing the same arguments when we DO come to implementing these tools.


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