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This page is the starting point for a new set of learning materials, tutorials and in depth explanations for people who are interested in helping the OpenCog project progress despite having no prior AI training or experience using Linux. Its main goal is to make the OpenCog project more accessible and provide a structure for people to receive the exact support they need to make progress.

If you do have Linux experience, feel free to use the existing procedure.

For first-time Ubuntu users, this guide may be useful: Ubuntu: An Absolute Beginners Guide.


This page has the following prerequisites:

  • An interest in OpenCog


Each page in this category will contain:

  • A set of prerequisites so users can make sure they have all the required knowledge and system components to succesfully work through the material.
  • A section for users to ask questions which are pertinent to their individual understanding of the system. The expectation here is that many users will have similar difficulties in understanding OpenCog, which makes it worthwhile to invest in thorough answers and explanations.

Next Steps

If you're ready to begin follow the procedure here.


That's great, where do I start?

For users with limited AI and / or Linux experience, it is recommended that you start with Setting up Ubuntu in VMWare for Noobs. More experienced users may prefer the existing procedure, but should also be aware that it is incomplete and possibly outdated.
And while you're setting up OpenCog, you can Learn the basics of the AtomSpace.