OpenCog Framework

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The OpenCog Framework is a toolkit for software developers which includes at its foundation the OpenCog Core and the OpenCog runtime consisting of the AtomSpace and CogServer. The OCF also includes source code and stable APIs for developing AI applications that run on the OpenCog Core, where the OCF is designed to be used with specific cognitive algorithms (e.g. MOSES and PLN which are developed as plug-ins to the OCF) to build AI applications as collections of interacting OpenCog MindAgents.

A complete software development kit (SDK) distributable package is planned for release in early 2009 (a source-only preview of OCF is coming in 2008). The OpenCog SDK will include example configurations, sample application source code and a tutorial.

Components of the OCF include:

  • AtomSpace a C++ shared library for fast in-memory knowledge representation, providing hybrid data structures to integrate and manipulate connectionist and symbolic knowledge
  • CogServer a container and scheduler for plug-in cognitive algorithms; C++ is supported although other language bindings are planned (community input and coordination wanted!)

Major components that are developed as plug-ins or connectors to the OCF, e.g. the cognitive algorithms MOSES and PLN, are found on the Projects page.

Many of the components described on the Projects page are combined in careful and deliberate ways to compliment each other in OpenCog Prime, a single coherent design for an AGI and a reference implementation of the OCF.