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Why might OpenCog Prime (OCP) succeed as an AGI?

  1. OCP is based on a well-reasoned, comprehensive theory of mind, conceptually outlined in The Hidden Pattern and hinted at in the Introduction, which dictates a unified approach to the five key aspects that must be addressed in any AGI system:
    1. knowledge representation
    2. learning, reasoning and creativity, collectively grouped as knowledge creation
    3. cognitive architecture
    4. embodied, experiential learning
    5. emergent structures and dynamics
  2. The specific algorithms and data structures chosen to implement this theory of mind are efficient, robust and scalable and, so is the software implementation

  3. Virtual world technology provides a powerful arena for instructing and experimenting with AGI systems
  4. The open source methodology allows a vast amount of global brainpower to be brought to bear on working out the numerous details still only partially resolved.

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