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In the open, collaborative spirit of wikis, this wikibook has been posted in a state that is hopefully readable but nowhere near polished.

This section lists some of the types of errors that are strongly suspected to exist.

There are probably still some errors originating from conversion from Twiki or Word to MediaWiki, particularly odd characters.

Some wikiwords may be erroneous, due to erratic us of spacing or CamelCase

Some of these pages used to be documents about the Novamente Cognition Engine, so there may still be some erroneous mentions of Novamente instead of OCP (and some of these could be subtler than mere word substitutions)

Many of these pages used to be part of a book manuscript, so there may still be erroneous mentions of words like: book, chapter, section, etc.

There may still be some deprecated or irrelevant acronyms, e.g. PEL (an obsolete acronym for Probabilistic Evolutionary Learning, which should be replaced with EDA for Estimation of Distribution Algorithm), NM (for Novamente, which if it occurs should probably be replaced with OCP), whatever...

Plenty of wiki-wordifying is needed where apropos, introducing links btw pages in the OCP wiki, and btw pages in the OCP wiki and pages in the MindOntology

Section subheadings should probably be introduced and levels corrected in many places.

Probably there are various infelicities of expression due to the origin of the text in a book manuscript rather than a wiki.

Examples in the use of mathematical formulas or code highlighting can be found on the Sandbox page.

If there is a note XX this generally means a reference needs to be inserted!