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OpenCogPrime is a new AGI design, but it is a modification of the Novamente Cognition Engine (NCE) design, which was originated in 2001 and has been steadily refined by a group of people since then. Furthermore the NCE design was itself a (major) modification of the Webmind AI Engine design developed (and partially implemented) at Webmind Inc. during 1998-2000.

Due to this history, probably the best way to get a general, high-level overview of the OpenCogPrime AGI design is to read some of the previously published conference papers on the NCE. Look for papers authored or co-authored by Ben Goertzel on the following pages:

There are differences between the NCE and OCP, but most of these are either

  • at a level of detail that's not relevant to these conference papers (e.g. the OCP scheduler is currently much simpler than the NCE scheduler), or else
  • regarding aspects of the NCE that are considered proprietary to Novamente LLC and not disclosed in these conference papers

Probably a nice overview of the OpenCog Prime architecture will be written up in a journal article at some point, but that doesn't seem to be anyone's priority at the moment, and will likely be done after there are some interesting applications and demos to show off and write about (such demos will inevitably be featured on our blog).

Finally, the reader is reminded that this wikibook is intended to be read together with

  • The Hidden Pattern (Ben Goertzel, Brown Walker Press, 2006), which outlines the underlying philosophy of mind
  • Probabilistic Logic Networks (Ben Goertzel, Matthew Ikle', Izabela Goertzel and Ari Heljakka, Springer, 2008), which explains the math and concepts underlying the probabilistic logic component.

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