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These news items are for archival purposes. People interested in the latest updates on OpenCog should monitor the main http://opencog.org site for announcements (there is a RSS feed linked from there).

Old updates:

  • A team at Xiamen University, China is running a robotics/AI project affiliated with OpenCog. They are now integrating OpenCog with the robot, aiming to make a talking, reasoning robot that can learn to perform a variety of tasks in a lab environment.
  • 2010 January - Joel has implemented a RESTful interface, and the web based UI for navigating the AtomSpace.
  • 2009 October - Cassio Pennachin and Dr. Joel Pitt attended the Google Summer of Code Mentors summit to meet with other open-source software developers and exchanged ideas for improving GSoC and each other's OSS projects.
  • 2009 September - Google Summer of Code 2009 is mostly wrapped up. Thanks to all our students who helped improve OpenCog and those that did original AI research. Project code samples are hosted at Google code.. More specific detail for each project is at GSoC Projects for 2009.
  • 2009 July - OpenCogBuntu 9.04 is finally out!
  • 2009 April - We are currently running another series of tutorials in the run up towards GSoC 2009.
  • 2009 April - Projects for GSoC 2009 have been selected.
  • 2009 March - SIAI (and thus OpenCog) were accepted for Google Summer of Code.
  • 2009 January - Help us design and choose a Logo!
  • OpenCogPrime tutorial sessions on IRC continue weekly through February 2009.
  • more...