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Here at OpenCog, we're creating an open source Artificial General Intelligence framework, intended to one day express general intelligence at the human level and beyond.

That is:

We're undertaking a serious effort aimed at building a thinking machine.

We have a detailed plan and the ability to execute it, and we're proceeding with the hard work step-by-step.

OpenCog is an open-source software project rather than a formal organization, but there is also a nonprofit organization -- the OpenCog Foundation -- specifically devoted to fostering OpenCog research and development.

Isn't that a little ambitious?

While the OpenCog project may be considered ambitious compared to the routine fare of contemporary academic and industry AI research, we prefer to think of it as a difference of focus. Rather than being concerned solely with building a more accurate classifier or a more efficient computer vision algorithm, we are concerned with generic intelligence and the inter-related cognitive processes that entails.

It's worth noting that a number of academic research labs have emerged recently with similar goals, including (to list just a few, almost at random):

Science and technology have advanced a lot in recent decades, and we are not the only ones to conclude that the time is ripe for a renewed attack on the grand old problem of strong AI. In our view we are further along than these other projects, and have a solid plan for reaching the end goal, but you are encouraged to judge for yourself!

The AI field has made disappointingly slow progress toward its original, exciting goals. Our goal at OpenCog is to change this.

How can I help or get involved?

If you're a programmer or computer scientist, you're encouraged to help us by contributing to the code-base and design!

You can also support our efforts by making a tax-deductible donation to the OpenCog Foundation, which will be used 100% to fund OpenCog researchers and developers. If you're into micropayments, you can Flattr or Kachingle us using the buttons in the sidebar.

Note our limited special offer: the first 1000 people to donate $100 or more to OpenCog will receive one of 1000 autographed first editions of the forthcoming book Building Better Minds: Engineering Beneficial General Intelligence by Ben Goertzel.


If you're here for the first time, the first thing to read is the about page, which, among other things, describes the difference between the OpenCog Framework and OpenCogPrime.

For those who are interested in the the theory OpenCog Prime is a design for an AGI including:

  • A general roadmap which will influence and inform the more specific roadmap for the OpenCog Framework.
  • A WikiBook presenting the OpenCogPrime design.
  • A list of Ideas for future development, and a list of Design Suggestions (there's no strong reason why these are two separate pages, but they are at present due to historical inertia)
  • Designs for virtual worlds that will be suitable for education and development of OpenCogPrime based artificial general intelligence.

For those that are more interested in the code, Development describes how to to download, run or modify the current code-base. This includes:

The OpenCog Brainwave is a blog of current activities . Additional blog posts may be found on the OpenCog Foundation front page.

This wiki also hosts an AGI Wiki section, containing information about other AGI projects that are not necessarily directly related to OpenCog.