Monitoring the cogserver.log file

From OpenCog

The CogServer will write log entries from various subsystems to the file /tmp/cogserver.log. Some subsystems may have their own log files; refer to their respective documentations for details.

To keep an eye on the log file, start a new Terminal window and run

tail -f /tmp/cogserver.log

You should see some output similar to the following:

opencog@locahost:/opencog/build$ tail -f /tmp/cogserver.log 
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:289] [INFO] Loaded /usr/local/share/opencog/scm/utilities.scm
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:295] [INFO] Loaded /usr/local/share/opencog/scm/apply.scm
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:300] [INFO] Loaded /usr/local/share/opencog/scm/file-utils.scm
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:300] [WARN] Failed to load file scm/persistence.scm: 2 No such file or directory
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:305] [INFO] Loaded /usr/local/share/opencog/scm/config.scm
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:317] [INFO] Loaded /usr/local/share/opencog/scm/repl-shell.scm
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:323] [INFO] Loaded /usr/local/share/opencog/scm/av-tv.scm
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:329] [INFO] Loaded /usr/local/share/opencog/scm/rule-engine-utils.scm
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:335] [INFO] Loaded ..//opencog/cogserver/scm/config.scm
[2016-02-23 09:16:27:336] [INFO] Starting CogServer loop.