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Mock Proxy Shell Design Overview


The Mock Proxy Shell is designed to provide a simple shell interface to support system integration testing of the embodiment system


The Mock Proxy Shell (MPS) provides a simple text based menu driven interface to allow manual step through of program behaviours. The MPS processes XML messages from the OAC via the router, translates them to english text and allows a user to select various options that sends an appropriate response to the OAC. A simple model is maintained based on a 100 x 100  grid. Pets, avatars and objects can be moved around the grid by menu commands. Additionally the pets physiological variables can be set by menu commands.


 The MPS provides for the following actions:

MovePetTo x, y (P)
* *
MoveObjTo x, y (O)
OwnerAvatarSays string (S)
CreateObjAt x, y (C)
CreateGeometryAt x1, y1, x2, y2 (G)
SetHunger x (H)
SetThirst x (T)
[[[SetTiredness|SetTiredness]] SetEnergy] x (E)

The MapInfo message is sent to the OAC based on the location of the objects in the grid. The letters in brackets represent the menu selection keys.

Supported Object Types

The following list of objects can be created for use in pet behaviour testing;

  * Ball
  * Food
  * Water
  * Avatar
  * Dog

The objects are constants used by the CreateObjAt menu item.


Both the Pet and the OwnerAvatar are pre-existing objects and do not need to be created. Persistence is only maintained within a single session and is lost once the MPS application is closed.

-- Main.TonyLofthouse - 17 Aug 2007