Minecraft Bot Development Roadmap

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A Minecraft Bot Development Roadmap

Updated Jan 2016


The goal of the Opencog Minecraft Bot is to demonstrate AGI in the world of Minecraft. This roadmap will not fully achieve this goal but it is intended to demonstrate key behaviors necessary to achieve AGI. Each phase is foundational and will advance this project towards the target state.

Exciting Demonstrability

We will strive to produce demos that generate excitement and inspire AI enthusiasts to join this project.

2016 Roadmap

These are the initial phases of this project and only cover the initial 2016 phases.

Phase 1: Food Survival(Current Phase)

Minecraft-Bot is able to eat when hungry and explore when not.

 1- Ability to explore the world and remember blocks.
 2- Ability to feel degrees of hunger when minecraft health bar is not full.
 3- Ability to prioritize looking for food over exploring.
 4- Ability to learn and discovery food blocks.
 5- Ability to consume food and feel satisfaction as health bar increases to full.
 6- Ability to recognize rebirth when experiencing death.

Phase 2: Basic Crafting

Minecraft-Bot is able to harvest trees and craft basic tools.

 1- Ability to navigate terrain until a tree is found.
 2- Ability to harvest trees and cobblestone as materials.
 3- Ability to create a crafting table, a wood axe, sword, pickaxe and a chest.
 4- Ability to use tools and learn to use the right tool for the right block.
 5- Ability to store and retrieve blocks, tools and food in a chest.

Phase 3: Hunting & Shelter Survival

Minecraft-Bot is able to find nourishment through hunting or collection to avoid hunger.

 1- Ability to create shelter by digging down or placing blocks vertically.
 2- Ability to seek shelter at night.
 3- Ability to use tools to hunt animals for food. 
 4- Ability to abandon hunting (lose attention) if unsuccesful.
 5- Ability to learn the best way to kill a given time of food/animal.
 6- Ability to remember and return to the home shelter.

Phase 4: Defensive Survival

Minecraft Bot is able to interact with another player, trade and recognize danger and have a basic flee or fight capability.

1- Ability to recognize danger if attacked by a PC or a NPC.
2- Ability to decide whether to fight or flee.
3- Ability to flee back to the home shelter.
4- Ability to fight using learned behaviors and tools.

Contributing to the Minecraft Bot Project

This project is run by volunteers who graciously donate their time and skills to develop the most intelligent minecraft bot.

Our team is globally distributed and agile. We use Kanban boards to manage task assignments and progress.

Recommended Skills: - Familiarity with Minecraft - Python - Linux Ubuntu - C++ (optional) - Scheme (optional)