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Jean PIaget identified a series of cognitive developmental stages characterizing human childhood development.
The idea of a "developmental stage" is that there are natural stages that a mind passes through in its history, as it ascends from infancy to adulthood (and beyond typical adulthood to various forms of self-mastery and self-transcendence).
These stages should not be thought of as discrete entities, but rather as phases that are gradually entered into and out of, and may overlap to some extent.

Cognitive Developmental Stages and AGI

In a paper titled Stages of Cognitive Development in Uncertain Inference Based AI systems (available on http://www.novamente.net), Ben Goertzel and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj extended Piaget's ideas in a way specifically oriented toward modeling the development of certain types of AGI systems. This led to the beginnings of a theory of Developmental Stages of Uncertain Logic Based AI Systems.

Also see Piagetan Stages.