Make install

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This page describes the things make install target creates in destination directory. $INSTALLDIR is the directory where you have instructed CMake to install your files. Remember: to tell CMake where you want your installed files to go you type:

# export INSTALLDIR="/usr"
# export INSTALLDIR="/usr/local"
# export INSTALLDIR="~/opencog/install"

Header files

All public header files (omitted here for brevity) are installed in $INSTALLDIR/include/opencog, so that, if $INSTALLDIR/include is part of the paths your compiler searches for header files, on can add a line like this to a source file:

#include <opencog/atomspace/Atom.h>


Most libraries are installed under $INSTALLDIR/lib/opencog, with two exceptions:

  • $INSTALLDIR/lib/
  • $INSTALLDIR/lib/libmoses.a

The other libraries are:

  • atomspace (may be atomspace.dll on windows, on linux)
  • attention
  • cogutil
  • dimensionalembedding
  • dotty
  • nlp-types
  • persist
  • pln
  • PythonModule
  • scheme-shell
  • statistics
  • statistics
  • ubigraph
  • viterbi
  • wsd
  • xml


All executable files are placed under $INSTALLDIR/bin:

  • cogserver
  • eval-candidate
  • eval-diversity
  • eval-features
  • eval-table
  • feature-selection
  • gen-disj-conj
  • gen-table
  • moses

Configuration files for cogserver

  • $INSTALLDIR/etc/opencog-chatbot.conf
  • $INSTALLDIR/etc/opencog.conf
  • $INSTALLDIR/etc/opencog-test.conf.example

Shared resources

These are placed under $INSTALLDIR/share and include:

man pages

  • $INSTALLDIR/share/man/man1/feature-selection.1.gz
  • $INSTALLDIR/share/man/man1/moses.1.gz

Scheme script files

  • $INSTALLDIR/share/opencog/scm/example-dbi.scm
  • $INSTALLDIR/share/opencog/scm/utilities.scm

Python libraries

  • $INSTALLDIR/share/opencog/python/
  • $INSTALLDIR/share/opencog/python/opencog/
  • $INSTALLDIR/share/opencog/python/opencog/
  • $INSTALLDIR/share/opencog/python/opencog/

Web interface

Main page is under $INSTALLDIR/share/opencog/www/index.html and $INSTALLDIR/share/opencog/www/resources contains the rest of the package.


  • Account for differences between platforms.

Until further notice this page is under construction.