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Joel Pitt is a multidisciplinary scientist who has contributed to work in bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and more recently ecology and entomology. His PhD at Lincoln University [1], New Zealand, involved the development of a spatially explicit stochastic simulation model to investigate the spread of invasive species across variable landscapes. Joel obtained his B.Sc (Hons.) from the University of Canterbury [2] where he majored in computational biology and artificial intelligence and has also developed novel search algorithms for micro-satellite DNA sequences [3].

Joel's home page

What is Joel working on?

Updated: 14-Jan-2010

I am currently in Hong Kong as the team leader for a project using OpenCog to control game characters.

I am also interested in the follow projects, so feel free to contact me if you want to help out.

For more detail see Joel's work log.

Stuff I've worked on or helped with

I can assist with development on these or questions on improving them:

  • Python wrapper for the AtomSpace to speed up prototyping and implement non-computationally intensive mind processes. It could even provide a shell to working with the AtomSpace and OpenCog server, and use the above JSON-RPC to provide the connection.
  • JSON-RPC API to allow remote access to OpenCog and the AtomSpace.


Joel is available on IRC: ferrouswheel on #opencog @ or by email.