Joel's work log March 2009

From OpenCog


6 hours


  • Helping GSoC students decide on tasks.
  • Research into HBase and HGDB in relation to [Scaling OpenCog] and making the AtomSpace distributed.


  • Allow Hopfield demo to compile without Ubigraph.
  • Alter configuration system so that repository default config doesn't overwrite the local versions of developer configs.


  • Fixed unit test failures (due to TLB::getAtom not returning Null when the Handle refers to a nonexistent atom... only when USE_TLB_MAP was false).


  • Fix more linking
  • Tidy up documentation
  • Trying to solve PLN segfault on 32 bit machines.

2009-03-11 to 2009-03-13

  • Clean up Hopfield network code (some bits messy from trying to meet paper and demo deadlines).
  • Fix linking (external libraries were linked with inappropriate parts of OpenCog).
  • Start reading about NLP in OpenCog and learning about Linas's work.

2009-03-02 to 2009-03-06