Joel's work log February 2009

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  • Word pairs visualisation.
  • Hopfield visualisation.


  • revising my knowledge of PLN from the book.
  • Refactoring Ubigrapher class
  • Discovered that Ubigraph server stall occurs less frequently if you turn of the layout lagorithm until after all atoms added.


  • Investigating best way to make a series of visual demos for AGI09 using Ubigraph connection.
  • Got side track with the fact the server stalls occasionally. Unable to work out why, but it is more frequent with large graphs (although doesn't happen with the example graphs??)
  • Decided to try making a small test example.

2009-02-13 to 2009-02-19

  • Fix shutdown command.

2009-02-13 to 2009-01-16

  • Presenting work about OpenCog at KiwiFoo, meeting Jared Wigmore in Hamilton.
  • Guiding and development of Ubigraph visualiser.
  • Rereading aspects of PLN, planning removal of FW_Variables from AtomSpace.