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This page will describe the process of installing the QT IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in Ubuntu, which should be the most accessible option for people with a non-linux background. If you prefer a different IDE you are welcome to use it, but other pages in the OpenCog for Noobs category may not align with your experience in that case.


Open up Ubuntu Software Center by double clicking it's icon (looks like a bag with fireworks coming out of it) in the Ubuntu menu bar on the left or open the Dash Home (the top icon in the bar) and search for Ubuntu Software center there:

Installing the QT IDE - 0.png

You should see something like the image below:

Installing the QT IDE - 1.png

Use the search box to search for 'QT Creator' and you should see results similar to those shown below:

Installing the QT IDE - 2.png

Click on the QT Creator option in the search results and then click on the Install button at the right side to start installation.

Finally, open the Dash Home (the top icon in the Ubuntu menu bar on the left), search for QT, and drag the icon into the menu bar on the left.

Installing the QT IDE - 3.png

All done!

Next Steps

Now you have installed the QT IDE, you can move on to Using QT Creator