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Atomese for OpenCog Hyperon

One of the focuses in the Hyperon design is a successor to the OpenCog Classic Atomese language with clear semantics supporting meta-language features, different types of inference, etc.

What we have landed on is an "Atomese 2" language called MeTTa (Meta Type Talk)

Some earlier thoughts, which might be partly outdated, but established the direction that led to the MeTTa design, were about relations between Atomese and

File:Decomposing Atomese Interpreter.pdf discussed some of the possible approaches to implementing the Atomese interpreter on top of static graph/pattern matching. This (with some prototyping) justified the idea of moving the Atomese interpreter outside Pattern Matcher.

More recent discussions on some particular topics related to this way of thinking about Atomese for Hyperon are

The paper gives a general overview of possible design principles of Atomese language, which were motivational early in the design process.

Hyperon for OpenCog Atomese

Going in the opposite direction, there is a tiny proof-of-concept showing how Hyperon can be layered on top of Atomese. It is here: /opencog/persist/metta