Hong Cogathon Dec 2016

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A number of normally-widely-distributed OpenCoggers gathered in Hong Kong from Nov 28-Dec 9 2016 for a combination of collaborative software development, trying out software on Hanson robots, and advanced seminars and discussions.

A general sequence of events:

  • Week 1 was hackathon, i.e. collaborative development and free discussion
  • Week 2 was a mix of hackathon and seminarts
    • 10:30AM-1PM each day, was a series of 2 brief lectures by team members
      • Lectures were video-recorded and put online (see this playlist and links to individual videos below)
    • We had lunches and dinners together at Science Park and around Hong Kong

There was some social events too. We had a hike on Sat Dec 3, and some sort of party the night of Thurs Dec 8.

Seminars and Discussions

Hong Cogathon Dec 2016.PNG

Time: 10:30AM - 1PM

Location: Hong Kong Science Park, Robotics Garage

  • Mon. Dec 5
    • Economic Attention Allocation video (Misgana Bayetta and Ben Goertzel)
    • Action Selection and Emotion video (Amen Belayneh and Eddie Monroe)
  • Tues. Dec 6
    • Atomspace Visualizer video (Misgana Bayetta)
    • Emotion Graph Visualizer video (Eddie Monroe)
    • Intro to Probabilistic Programming video (Nil Geisweille)
    • Probabilistic Programming and Pattern Mining for Inference Control video (Ben Goertzel)
  • Wed. Dec 7
    • Unsupervised Language Learning video (Linas Vepstas)
    • Lojban as an Interlingua video (Ben Goertzel and Ruiting Lian)
  • Thurs. Dec. 8
    • Deep Neural Nets for Perception in OpenCog video
    • Deep Neural Nets for Action Learning video (Ben Goertzel)
  • Fri. Dec. 9
    • Neuromorphic AI via Emergent Dynamics in Coupled Map Lattices video (David DeMaris)
    • A Nonlinear Dynamical Foundation for Psychophysics video (Ben Goertzel)
    • Does Neuroscience Provide an Elegant Theory of Intelligence? video (Ben Goertzel)
    • Cogistry (coaxing radical creativity from OpenCog via algorithmic chemistry enhanced by cognitive synergy) video (Ben Goertzel)
    • Random Brainstorming -- Everyone

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