Hong Cog-a-thon May 2016

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For general context on this event, see: http://opencog.org/2016/03/hong-cog-a-thon-may-2016/

See also Hong Cogathon Dec 2016

This page provides some details.

The general plan is

  • late mornings, seminar/discussion sessions
  • lunches together at Science Park
  • afternoons informally doing OpenCog development and discussing

There will be some social events too, probably planned near the spur of the moment. A night out on HK Island Fri May 13 is likely, and a mountain hike Sat 14 or Sun 15 weather permitting...

Seminars and Discussions

Time: 11AM-12:30PM

Location: Robotics Garage (http://www.robotics-garage.com), Hong Kong Science Park