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This module is responsible for receiving the text format answer, given by nlgen, and to prepare a SAY action to be sent to be executed by the agent. A SAY action is just a mechanism used by the agent to send a message to an avatar or another agent.

This process can be done by using a specific rule of RuleEngine to check if the agent has some to say at that moment. If yes, the preconditions of that rule will be satisfied and the rule will be fired suggesting an action. This rule must be has a high strength in order to be chosen by the RuleEngine as the current action. The property mechanism of the AgentModeHandler can be used to store the to be said sentences.

The built-in schema Say is already implemented in the Embodiment, so we will just need to use it in the effect side of the rule.

After executing the Say action, an action plan will be sent to the proxy to communicate the message to its target. Multiverse-Proxy, for example, will display the received message as a text message on the user Client console.

Test cases

At a first moment, the system will support only questions related to the agent's physiological needs and it's emotions. Here are the examples:

Physiological needs:

hunger hungered hungering hungers hungry hungriness hungrily
thirst thirsted thirsts thirsty thirstiness thirsting
poo_urgency excrement poo pooed pooing poos defecating defecated defecates
pee_urgency urine pee pees peeing peed urinating urinated urinates
fitness fittingness
energy vigor power vitality vigour


happiness happy happily
fear fright panic fearful fearfulness
pride proud pridefulness
love loving loves loved
hate hated hates hating hatred dislike hateful hatefully hatefulness
anger angry angered angering angers rage fury wrath ire choler
gratitude grateful gratefulness thankfulness
excitement excited exhilaration

Yes/No Possible Questions:

Are you {hungry, thirsty, happy, scared, frightened, proud, lovable, hateful, angry, grateful, excited}?
Is Fido {hungry, thirsty, happy, scared, frightened, proud, lovable, hateful, angry, grateful, excited}?
Do you want to {pee, poo, defecate, urinate}?