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Curation is the activity of maintaining the wiki, which is always a work in progress. This is done by keeping categorization and links accurate and up-to-date. To this end, please be aware of the following categories and the categorical hierarchy of the site.

Category Maintenance

  • Before adding a new category see if any of the existing categories are sufficient for categorizing the given page.
  • When adding a page to a new category Xyz, by adding [[Category:xyz]] in the page, also add the new category as a sub-category of another existing category.
    • When adding a new category add a brief explanation of what the category is for in the category page
    • When adding a new category Xyz-Obsolete for obsolete pages of category Xyz add it to both [[Category:Obsolete]] and [[Category:Xyz]]
  • When categorizing a page as obsolete and the page is already under a category Xyz, add it to catgeory Xyz-Obsolete by adding [[Category:Xyz-Obsolete]] and removing [[Category:xyz]]. If the page is under multiple categories, make it obsolete in all

Page Maintenance

  • For help with editing wiki pages see here.
  • For help with internal links see here. Whenever refering to pages in this wiki use internal links so as to avoid link rot when or if the URL changes
  • When refering to directories or files in github use the github-repo-name templates. See the Category:Template for a list of templates.

Work in progress pages

This category contains pages of projects that are currently in progress. Including pages that are 'on hold'. The pages can be of varying levels of completion, and are generally something OpenCog wants work done on eventually.

Deprecated pages

Deprecated pages have often been replaced by new versions or approaches and may no longer be supported or worked on. However, they may still contain lots of valuable information and ideas.

Obsolete pages

Obsolete pages, like deprecated pages, are generally old. However, they contain less potentially relevant information. Such as, for example, pages specific to discontinued projects rather than pertaining to OpenCog theory.

When a page is obsoleted, add a notice of obsolescence at the obsolete wiki page, as shown below.

In the example below, __NOTOC__ insures that there are no table of content distractions, and the capitalized header-level one notice is unlikely to be missed.


or, if there is a replacement page add the following

= THIS PAGE IS OBSOLETE. [[Replacement Page Title | SEE HERE INSTEAD]] =

In addition, update the wiki pages that link to the obsoleted page so as to minimize misinformation. If a page that links to the just obsoleted page is also obsolete no need to update the links.

Template Maintenance

When you find yourself copy pasing signifcant amount of text to update page sections, it might be time to add a template and transclude the template or check if there are templates that you can use @ Category:Template

  • For help with templates see here.
  • For help with transclusion see here.