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One of the most confused, confusing and polysemous words of all time.

One distinction that has become pretty clear, however, is that between

Some folks claim that only empirical consciousness exists, and subjective consciousness is a bogus notion.

Consciousness and AGI

It seems clear that AGI designers need to pay attention to Empirical Consciousness, which plays a major role in human Cognition.

Whether they need to pay attention to Subjective Consciousness is a whole other story. Even if one accepts that it exists, that doesn't imply one needs to explicitly put it into an AGI design: perhaps it will just be there if the structures and dynamics are constructed correctly. Different philosophies give different verdicts on this; and there are many of them.

Consciousness and Patternism

Patternist philosophy, as described in The Hidden Pattern by Ben Goertzel, suggests that Subjective Reality (home of Subjective Consciousness) and Objective Reality (home of Empirical Consciousness) are different perspectives that patterns may take on pattern-space.