CogServer Commands

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The server implemented in CogServer application has a flexible architecture that allows custom module to provide user-defined commands. This page lists both build-in and custom commands and indicate the module that hosts them. Remember to use `help <command>` to get full help for each command. To get a list of all commands available at any given time from loaded modules type `help` without any argument. If you find this page to be out of date or you create a module exposing some commands, please update it.

In the table below aliases follow main command in a comma separated list. A <token> like this means something that the user should type in while a [token] like this indicates an optional argument.

Command Description Module
exit, quit, q, CTRL+D Close the shell connection Build-in
help [<command>], h List the available commands or print the help for a specific command Build-in
agents-start <agent type> [...] Start some agents Build-in
agents-stop <agent type> [...] Stop some agents running Build-in
agents-step <agent type> [...] Run a single cycle of an agent(s) Build-in
agents-stop-loop Stop the agent loop Build-in
agents-start-loop Start the agent loop Build-in
agents-list List available agents Build-in
agents-active List running agent Build-in
listmodules List the currently loaded module Build-in
list -h <handle>
list -n <name>
list [-t|-T] <type>
List atoms in the atomtable Build-in
loadmodule <module> Load an opencog module Build-in
shutdown Shut down the cogserver Build-in
sleep [<num seconds>] Sleep for the number of given seconds Build-in
unload <module> Unload an opencog module Build-in

Note: until further notice this page is incomplete with regard to sources in git repository