Building and/or Packaging OpenCog

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  1. This page is in "heavy editing" mode at the moment. If you face any problems with building/packaging OpenCog, report on [OpenCog mailing list].
  2. If you want to contribute to OpenCog's packaging efforts, please see Packaging OpenCog: TODO page.
  3. After you are done with building or installing OpenCog based on instructions below, you might want to read:
    1. Cookbook
    2. Read articles under OpenCog for Noobs category on this wiki.
    3. Volunteer, Quick tasks, Not so quick tasks, Ideas and TODO
    4. Development
    5. Development standards and Setting up Github for OpenCog


OpenCog packaging effort is a work-in-progress. The plan is to arrange documentation along the lines of this discussion on OpenCog mailing list. In the meantime, this page is being used to dump all links related to building, packaging and installing OpenCog.

Packaging OpenCog for Linux


Packaging OpenCog for Mac OS X

Packaging OpenCog for Windows (Cygwin port)

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