AGI Summer School 2009 OpenCog Lab

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This page is an outline for the material that will be covered at the hands-on OpenCog lab as part of the 2009 Xiamen AGI Summer School.


Although Joel Pitt and Ben Goertzel will be present (and possibly Nil Geisweiller) to assist with getting OpenCog functional on student machines (Note: is the plan for students to bring their OWN laptops, or is there a lab which will require me to install OpenCog on?), students will get the most benefit from the lab if they've already familiarised themselves with OpenCog and the interface. The following pages are recommended reading:

  • If you are building and setting up OpenCog from scratch the BuildingOpenCog page outlines the process, including what dependencies are required.
  • For brief practical overviews, see Getting Started and Cookbook.

For more in depth knowledge about the theory behind OpenCog, there is OpenCogPrime:WikiBook (this also touches on other summer school material such as PLN and ECAN).


Day 1

  • Getting familiar with OpenCog and the interface.
  • Students given a basic list of tasks (carrying out a PLN inference, running the Hopfield network example) that they can optionally complete.
  • In the afternoon, a concrete (but relatively easy) programming task is given to the students.

Day 2

  • Finish off programming task, feedback on programming task from Day 1.
  • Select one of several projects to work on for today and tomorrow.

Day 3

  • Project work

Day 4

  • Informal presentation of work to class, students should discuss what they learnt, and what (if any) difficulties they had using the OpenCog framework.
  • Tidying up code and documentation. Pushing to their own Launchpad branch if students wish to contribute their code back to OpenCog.
  • During the above, Joel will also talk individually with students.