AGI Discussion Forum

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The AGI Discussion Forum is a biweekly, informal, highly technical online meeting involving the core of the OpenCog Hyperon team together with any other interested individuals from the community.


The 90-minute meetings are held roughly biweekly early AM US Pacific time -- details on timings of forthcoming sessions will be given below.

The schedule may vary from time to time, weeks may be skipped or extra sessions may be added etc. based on the availability of particular discussion leaders or members.

The appropriate entry in the #Sessions section of this page will be updated with the correct online meeting-room location for each meeting (it might potentially change from time to time based on who is hosting).

Discussion Format

The discussion topics and leaders for each session are curated by Ben Goertzel, Alexey Potapov, Cassio Pennachin, Matthew Ikle' and Nil Geisweiller; the discussions are focused on topics related to Hyperon -- but including potentially topics loosely rather than always very narrowly Hyperon-oriented.

The sessions are interactive discussions rather than talks; but each session has a specific pre-announced topic and a discussion leader. Sometimes a session will be initiated by an informal talk of length 10-45 minutes; and sometimes the discussion leader will post a talk as a video prior to a discussion session.

Upcoming Sessions

  • November 11, 2022 at 15UTC/7AM Pacific time:

Envisioning An Artificial Metaversal Society for Early-Stage AGI (leader: Ben Goertzel)



Past sessions

  • June 17, 2022, 7AM-8:30AM Pacific time: Rob Freeman on chaotic cognitive linguistics ... Videoconference at: ... Background: See the video of Rob's talk from AGI-21