2008 Updates

From OpenCog

An archive of news from 2008 related to OpenCog:

  • CogDev2008 was held at the Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA) in October. Attendance received a boost (30 attended) from interest generated at the Singularity Summit!
  • 2008 June Thanks to financial support from Google, eleven students are spending their summers writing free and open source software for OpenCog projects. More at GSoCProjects2008.
  • 2008 March OpenCog is under active development and planning, toward a release of the OpenCog Framework in 2H2008. Parts of OpenCog are being made available incrementally, as early development proceeds.
  • 2008 January The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence funds full-time systems software engineer Gustavo Gama and part-time AI software developer Joel Pitt, to work on OpenCog.