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A Design for A Thinking Machine

This wikibook is also available as a printable snapshot (3.8 MB) (2010-Mar).

Format and navigation changes to make this wikibook coverable to a publication-quality LaTeX document are in-progress. This page serves as the best reference for overall book and chapter structure. For Those who may edit this wikibook, please read:
OpenCogPrime:EditsNeeded (known flaws and errata)
OpenCogPrime:ReadBeforeEditing (read before editing wikibook!)

Note: This Wikibook is basically obsoleted by the 2014 book Engineering General Intelligence, but is kept online here for historical purposes, and because it may contain some useful bits and pieces. Also, Engineering General Intelligence isn't trivially available online for free yet.


This section of the book might be better titled: "Instead of an Introduction, by a man too busy to write one." This Introduction section mostly gathers some relevant information from elsewhere: some links to papers a closely-related AI system (the Novamente Cognition Engine), and some pages from the Mind Ontology. (Much of the Mind Ontology could serve as prefatory material for this wiki, but a couple pages in particular seem strikingly relevant.)

Overview of the OpenCog Prime System

Atoms, AtomSpaces and So Forth

Denoting Atoms (and Various Related Entities)

The Combo Language

The Mind OS (aka the OpenCog Framework )

Integrative Inference

Attention Allocation and Credit Assignment

Embodiment: Perception and Action

Goal-Oriented Cognition

Procedure Execution

Dimensional Embedding

Probabilistic Evolutionary Learning

Speculative Concept Formation

Integrative Procedure and Predicate Learning

Map Encapsulation and Expansion

Toward a Theoretical Justification